Virtual Joint Task force 70

VIRTUAL joint task force 70



About us:

     First off we would like to welcome you to joint task force 70. We currently operate 7 Fighter squadrons and 1 helicopter squadrons. We are a group of like minded individuals who formed this group about 4 years ago.We wanted to develop a simulation group that tries its best to be the best but also takes tries to have fun in the process. 

   With us we will help guide and train you to become the best naval aviation pilot we can. We currently have retired navy personal within our ranks, that help guide us in the best training possible in a flight simulator. All pilots will first start off in our NATOPS, learning all the controls, functions and maneuvers. For a list of everything you will be learning click on our NATOPS page.  

    Lastly we like to hold to navy traditions around here. Your call-sign will be picked and voted on by the squadron. We have a rank system just like every other group out there. But our rank is mainly for structure in making sure all members are getting the most they can out of our group. So if you are looking for an all around good group of people, Fill out a join forum and a member will email you. Thank you for your interest and have a great day.


This is a united States based squadron. All missions and training will be flown based off US times . All members must be able to Participate in missions and training's. 







Training Schedule:

Monday - FREE FLIGHT/Makeup flight

Tuesday - Squadron Training 8:00 PM EST

Wednesday - VT-7 Training Night 8:30PM

Thursday - Wing Training 8:30PM EST

FRIDAY - FREE FLIGHT/Makeup flight


Saturday Evenings starting at 8pm EST.


 Have any questions please join our discord by clicking the button below