Welcome to our Training section.

All pilots must complete a 6 month training regiment. This can be completed at your own pace but are allotted 6 months to complete.

In this section we will briefly go over what training we will be giving to all pilots regardless of experience.

In our program you will learn NATOPS or Naval Air Training and Operating Procedures Standardization. This is a simulated program where you will learn all flight aspects with our flight instructors -

  • Basic Flight - Basic flight will include basic flight maneuvers. Cadets will understand the basics of normal flight operations.

  • Advanced Flight - Advanced flight focuses on advanced flight mechanics. This includes G-forces and formation flights.

  • Landings - First, you will learn how to properly land on an airfield. Then onto carrier landings.

  • Navigation - Navigation courses will be in phases. First, you will learn the aircraft's "Heads-Up Display" (HUD) and what navigational information you are receiving from the aircraft,including way points, target areas "Area of Operation" (AO), etc. Next, you will work closely with an "Airborne Early Warning and Control System" (AWACS) aircraft to process the information in a Target area and then finding your target and destroying it. Finally, you will use the ATC to return back to base only using information received by the ATC. Once you successfully complete this course you will advance to the Carrier qualification course.

  • Radar - Radar section of training we will be going over what is being displayed to you in the aircraft. Also be going over the RWR for more situational awareness.

  • Defensive - In this phase we will focus all your attention on defensive flight maneuvers including evading or breaking a missile of bandit contact. This phase will be frustrating and hard.

  • Offensive - During the offensive flight maneuvers phase we will be focused on how to obtain the upper hand in an aerial engagement. You will then learn how to shot down targets without sacrificing yourself or your wing-man.

  • Wing-man Training - Here you will learn how to fly with a wing-man. VFA-248 all pilots are as important as the others. We are all equal regardless of rank or time served. In this phase you will learn the wing-man chase, keeping with your wing-man and watching your wing-man's back. The only successful mission is the mission we all get back in one piece

  • Weapon Deployment - Now the fun part. In this phase you will learn proper weapon deployment. Whether or not its a ground target or and air target, when to shoot and what to do leading up to firing. What system to use or deploy to make the mission a success.

Once all cadets complete their NATOPS training they will earn their wings, tags and flight patches. You will be promoted in rank and given a tail number.

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