Guidelines for enlistment 

1) All members must be able to Participate in the Wednesday mandatory training mission

2)we are serious about training. all members that join us will be required 6 months in training squadron. we have 5 subjects that you will be tested in, in order to be assigned to a wing. basic Airmen ship, air to air, air to ground, sead and formation. you can complete these test in faster time if you choose too. if you are unable to complete these test in the time we will release you from the wing.

3) Weekly Schedules will be updated every monday before the day is over. it is the Responsibility of each member to check the website once a week for updates and time changes

4) Members must Continue to practice with the squadron through out the week when time is Allotted. We don't want members to show up just for one training/ops and not see them tell the next training/ops.  we are here as a team. We win together or Fail as individuals.

5) Real life comes first. this is a game. Any time any member needs time away, all we ask is if you give us a notice on how long you will be gone. We don't need to know why, just time for accountability. ( No member in this squadron will be demoted in rank or punished in any form, for having to take a L.O.A (Leave of Absence). there are squadrons and groups who do this.)

6) Saturdays are for additional training or refresher courses

7) Must be of 18 years of age or older.

8) be mature and respectful to everyone

9) Have fun. This is the most important rule of them all.


*Failure to comply with these guidelines will follow removal from the group.*


*Once you have filled out and Application, One of our command staff members will send you an email back with further information. Please keep an eye out for an email back. thank you*

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